Sebastian Haquin - curated by Artbutchers

until 27 Jun

‘Kunst is voeding voor de Zie’ - Parisa Akbarzadehpoladi

until 27 Jun

‘No Man is an Island’ - Anuli Croon

until 28 Jun

‘Post-Opera’ - exhibition and performance programme in collaboration with De Opera Dagen & V2_

until 30 Jun

'Nieuwe Werken, Z.T.' - Corrie Brands - solo exhibition

until 30 Jun

‘Eternity’ - Tomáš Libertíny

until 30 Jun

James Petermeir / Anton Malinovskiy - curated by Marth Von Loeben

until 3 Jul

‘Patch Dynamics’ - Katharina D. Martin

until 6 Jul

'Hoek van Holland' - Peter de Krom - photography solo exhibition

until 7 Jul

‘Sirenen’ - Joris Strijbos - a kinetic sound installation

until 7 Jul

Miriam Kruishoop - solo show

until 7 Jul

'Into Your Hands' - Esther Bruggink / Text works in garden and project space: Simon Benson, Célio Braga, Toon van Borm

until 7 Jul

De stad, de stad' - group show

until 7 Jul

'Light for cows' - Jan Bokma - solo show

until 9 Jul

‘Images of Silence’ - works of various artists about Silence

until 14 Jul

‘Look at me’ - Wilma Kun - solo show

until 14 Jul

SHOW BOX 6: Nnamari

until 17 Jul

Moment VII: To See The Lights with Kornkrit Jianpinidnan

until 10 Aug

‘Smeared States‘ - group show

until 11 Aug

‘What Happened to the Future’- 50 Years Poetry International Festival

until 18 Aug

Mariana Castillo Deball - a solo exhibition

until 25 Aug

Melike Kara - a solo exhibition

until 25 Aug

PHK18 #18: nine to five a mural show

until 31 Aug

On Melly Shum

until 1 Sep

‘The dizzying imagination of Piranesi’ - large-format prints by Piranesi

until 1 Sep

Klaas Gubbels 85 years!

until end Dec

Cecilia Vicuña - a retrospective

until 10 Nov

Radio JUJU Streaming | BRUD and guests


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