Kamali van Bochove - curated by Marieke van der Lippe

until 21 Feb

‘Spel van verwijzing’ - 10 jaar Sebastiaan Straatsma

until 23 Feb

‘hYpnOactiVemiRrorcAve’ - Lysandre Begijn and Diana Roig - mixed media

until 24 Feb

‘Rapairia’ - Caroline Peters - solo show - assembly books

until 24 Feb

Edith Meijering - solo show - paintings

until 28 Feb

'Dovetailing: the postdigital perspective' - group show

until 2 Mar

Inside Out’ - Grafisch atelier Minnigh - group show

until 3 Mar


until 3 Mar

‘Harvester’ - Frido Evers

until 9 Mar

‘The Mindblowing Institute’ - group exhibition - curated by Dieuwke Boersma

until 10 Mar

Übergangsweise #6: De wereld volgens Allard Budding

until 22 Mar

Momu & No Es - solo show

until 23 Mar

Flavio Senoner and Vera Galis - curated by Diana Wind

until 24 Mar

PHK18 #17: CC #4 ‘Contemporary Contemplations’

until 31 Mar

‘The House Where You Live Forever’ - group show

until 14 Apr

Kate Cooper - solo show

until 14 Apr

Lawrence Abu Hamdan, a solo exhibition

until 28 Apr

Moment VI: LW+LW with Louwrien Wijers and Lawrence Weiner

until May

An exhibition with an audio script by Sarah Demeuse and Wendy Tronrud, as well as a soundtrack by Mario García Torres in collaboration with Sol Oosel

until 5 May

Firelei Báez, new work

until 12 May

Picasso on Paper

until 12 May

On Contemporary Arab Representations

until 19 May

‘Trouble in Paradise' - collection Rattan Chadha

until 26 May

The Netherlands<->Bauhaus - Pioneers of a New World

until 26 May

‘Images of Silence’ - works of various artists about Silence

until 14 Jul

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