Tobias Lengkeek

until 18 Oct

Athens school of street photography

until 20 Oct

‘Unfaded’ - Lizan Freijzen and Pim Palsgraaf - duo show

until 21 Oct

‘Hearsay’ - Lieven Hendriks - solo show

until 27 Nov

‘Let there be light’ - Rene van Meer - solo show

until 27 Oct

Kunsthal #18: Nazif Lopulissa

until 28 Oct

‘Prosecute my Posture’ - group show Yael Davids, Milena Naef, Jimmy Robert and Grace Schwindt

until 28 Oct

Hans Houwing - solo show / Dominique de Beir - solo show

until 28 Oct

An exhibition of collaborative works by Rossella Biscotti and Kevin van Braak

until 4 Nov

Mieke Borgdorff - solo presentation

until 1 Nov

‘New works’ - Q.S.Serafijn - solo show - mixed media

until 4 Nov

‘We know what it is for, we who have used it’ - an exhibition by the Palestinian artists-duo Basel Abbas & Ruanne Abou-Rahme

until 4 Nov

‘Rebels without a cause’ - group show

until 11 Nov

‘The Brutality of Fact, Parts I, II & III’ - Tudor Bratu - solo show

until 17 Nov


until 17 Nov

'EN WAT NU' - Daan den Houter

until 24 Nov

‘Only Weeds Emerge’ - Pilar Mata Dupont - solo show

until 2 Dec

'Who do you think you are?' - curated by Sabrina Starke

until 2 Dec

‘Character Building’ - group exhibition - Creating, Playing, Embedding

until 9 Dec

Moment V: with Malin Arnell - exhibition of performance, audio and installation

until 15 Dec

‘Con Amore’ - Hugo Claus

until 16 Dec

‘T-Shirt Truth’ - Susan Barnett - photography

until 16 Dec

‘series, series’ - Philip Akkerman and Christiaan Kuitwaard

until 23 Dec

A group exhibition with work by Dora García, Sharon Hayes, Emily Jacir, Mahmoud Khaled, Carlos Motta, Wu Tsang, Akram Zaatari, Quinn Latimer

until 6 Jan

Rosalind Nashashibi, new work

until 6 Jan

Mauricio Marcín on Marcos Kurtycz

until 6 Jan

Ana María Millán, a solo exhibition

until 6 Jan

PHK18 #16: according to the line - group show

until 8 Jan

The Shape We are In

until 13 Jan

‘Pure Rubens’ - a unique cooperation with Prado Madrid

until 13 Jan

‘Perfect simplicity’ - Geert Lap - ceramics

until 13 Jan

Action <-> Reaction: 100 Years of Kinetic Art

until 20 Jan

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