This is a great introduction to contemporary art by visiting some of the best galleries in Rotterdam. Meet gallery owners and artists to learn about their stories and visit an artists’ studio.

> 29 Sep
> 27 Oct
> 17 Nov

Rotterdam has a great collection of public art by famous national and international artists. Explore with us what is going on around town by visiting art events such as POW! WOW! (15.09.) and South Explorer (11.11.).

> 15 Sep
> 11 Nov

Join a guided tour and explore contemporary art exhibitions and shows in Rotterdam’s best museums and galleries. Short introductions, time to wander around, enjoy the architecture and public art on the way.

> 3 Nov
>24 Nov

Learn about the rich and unique history of Rotterdam’s landscape design, architecture, culture and art. Visit current exhibitions around the Museum Park with us and enjoy the spectacular view from the Euromast.

> 13 Oct
> 15 Dec
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