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Christian Ouwens Gallery

Eendrachtsweg 20 3012 LB Rotterdam
Thu - Sat 11.00 - 17.00
and by appointment

until end of Dec
‘Klaas Gubbels 85 years!’ The artist Klaas Gubbels, known for his coffee cans, tables, bottles, chessboards and still lifes, was born in Rotterdam 85 years ago
6 - 16 Jun
27 Jun - 7 Sep
New show and book presentation: Eugène Brands, Inspiration. CoBrA artist Eugène Brands was inspired by landscapes, nature and its mystery. From these subjects in his art of painting, he also managed to give his long-standing fascination for the cosmos, the planets and stars a new place in his oeuvre. The "panta rhei" principle of the Greek philosopher Heraclitus was central: the idea that everything flows, everything moves and everything is infinite.
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