27 Sep | Wed | 12.00–12.45, 13.00–13.45, 14.30–15.15
Guided Tour
Guided Tours at Schielandshuis – hidden traces of colonialism and slavery.
28 Sep | Thu | 17.00-22.00
workshops on collective practice – so happy together #1 with Jatiwangi art Factory, The Post Collective, SOUPSPOON Collective. A series of public happenings on collectivity and being together. Experimental cooking, eating and digesting as a way of community building. Attendance is free and open to everyone, but places are limited. All participants are expected to actively join the session.
28 Sep | Thu | 19.00-20.00
Guided Tours
Join the free Thursday Night Detour and explore the exhibition Designing the Social from the unique perspective of Detour Guide Maartje de Winter.
28 Sep | Thu | 21.00
Every Thrusday evening at 21.00 a new artwork from various disiplines is exhibited. This week: Wissel 1147: Lisa Blaauwbroek presents Samira Welles.
29 Sep | Fri | 19.00-21.00
Book presentation, drinks and bites
Book Nomad, a traveling selection of books by abC (art book in China) Art Book Fair and other contributors, is visiting PrintRoom. Book Nomad was launched during the 7th abC Art Book Fair (Shanghai, February 2023) under the theme Nomadic and Imagined. The project explores the possibilities of independent publishing and distribution through self-practice with the intention “to bring cutting-edge, independent art publications from China, and other countries and regions to global readers in a curated manner.” The traveling collection will be on display at Printroom until the 7th of October, before heading off to Vienna.
30 Sep | Sat | 11.00–13.00
Artist Talk
Artist Talk with Ai Weiwei (sold out). 'In Search of Humanity' - Exhibition is open.
30 Sep | Sat | 20.00–22.00
LIVE ART ON THE STREET Chicago x Rotterdam, Performance artists from Rotterdam and Chicago. (Performance Art Event) and Chicago (Out of Site artist collective) connecting 4 artists from both cities; enabling them to collaborate as duos on new performances.
30 Sep | Sat | 16.00
‘Dit is Suzette, kunst X wetenschap’ – Suzette Bousema, solo show.
30 Sep | Sat | 14.00–19.00
María José Crespo: ‘Female flickers across built environments’, sound installation.
30 Sep | Sat | 18.00–20.00
Performance ‘Netherworld’ by Valentina Vella. Valentina's first full live performance of Netherworld, an electronic album of sonic poetry about existential and planetary crises. Weaving together the literary and the utterly mundane, it's vulnerable, funny and at times even danceable.
1 Oct | Sun | 15.00
'COLOR ME BAD' a duo exhibition featuring work by Studio Sodalime and Anaïs Boileau.
1 Oct | Sun | 14.00–19.00
María José Crespo: ‘Female flickers across built environments’, sound installation.
1 Oct | Sun | 15.00
Grand opening of the recently renovated gallery with a group exhibition with works by Yumiko Yoneda, Lizan Freijsen and Tim Mastik. Performance by Cora Schmeiser. Cora is a versatile singer who uses her voice to introduce visitors to the exhibition by creating a link between the physical space of the gallery and the artworks on display.
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