24 Nov | Thu | 21.00
Every Thrusday evening at 21.00 a new artwork from various disiplines is exhibited. Wissel 1103: Jeroen Jongeleen presents Ben Schot
24 Nov | Thu | 19.00-21.00
PrintRoom’s Picks from Printed Matter’s NY Art Book Fair. We’re eager to share this year’s haul featuring presentations by some of the fair’s exhibitors: publisher Johanna Maierski of Colorama (Berlin, DE) and participants of Werkplaats Typografie (Arnhem, NL).Johanna Maierski will present Gritli – The Moth Diaries I&II by Sophie Florian and Hanako Emden Portrait of the Artist as a Writer by Stefanie Leinhos Down Memory Lane by Nygel Panasco and Clubhouse 17. The presentation will have a focus on genre-bending, the international community that Colorama is fondly connected with and sharing resources.
25 Nov | Fri | 20.00
De Lowlands Naaktkalender 2023 by Lara Verheijden, photography
25 Nov | Fri | 17.00–20.00
H(a)L in Het Archief: Every Friday, a new artist replaces a work, creating a new context in the existing exhibition. This week: William Engelen : Video work, Traces of use for cembalo (2021). Duration: 21 minutes. An audio recording of a malfunctioning CD player playing piano works by Bela Bartok. The cembalist transcribed the audio recording in music notation. The first live performance took place during Engelen's exhibition Sounds good" in 2021 in the Kunstmuseum Den Haag. The video work is created for this exhibition.
25-27 Nov | Fri-Sun
Opening: Fri | 18.00
POP UP Exhibition
Foundation NEON proudly invites you to visit the third edition of 'Counterbodies' on 25, 26 and 27 November at Gaea Studio in Achtertuin Kralingen - Oostzeedijk 108 in Rotterdam. 'Counterbodies' stems from a dialogue between artistic supervisor of Foundation NEON and guest curator. This focuses on bringing together work by artists who each offer a distinct interpretation of 'the body', as a thematic and visual source for research and experimentation.
26 Nov | Sat | 13.00-20.00
'Cruising' – group exhibition explores the heteronormative standards imposed on the design field. How does the new garde of designers question the norms and canons? How do they utilise discomfort as a tool to challenge the underlying ideologies which have dominated the field to date? With: Alma Teer, Anna Aagaard Jensen, Barry Llewellyn, Dae Uk Kim, Flora Lechner, Hsin Min Chan, Kurina Sohn, Leo Maher, Natalia Triantafylli and Noam Youngrak Son. Curated by Liv Vaisberg.
26 Nov | Sat | 15.00
‘Het ongelijke van hetzelfde’ - Klaas Gubbels - solo exhibition. This exhibition will reflect Gubbels' extensive oeuvre and will also bear the same name as the yet-to-be-published monograph. This will be published by Christian Ouwens Galerie and 'nai010 publishers' and will be released in December.
26 Nov | Sat | 15.00-19.00
Finissage/Sound performance
'Larry-in-Exile plays Pictures at an Exhibition' an electronic stroll along the works at 'All Numbers End' at Galerie Frank Taal. Homy Unerversalis Laurens Abbink Spaink will honor the finissage of the duo exhibition of Yisu Kim & Isabelle Borges with a dj- soundscape performance inspired by the exhibition.
26 Nov | Sat | 16.30
Finissage/Artist Talk
'Mineral Evolution' - Tjitske Oosterhout. The gallery is open from 13.00.
26 Nov | Sat | 14.30–16.00
Weaving and Interweaving — Workshop by Suzanne Bernhardt. Sowing, growing, harvesting, processing, grinding, folding, weaving. In her practice, artist Suzanne Bernhardt engages with the many different stages of the grass cycle and its processing. During this concluding workshop, we weave the harvested and dried grasses of the Grassroots project into a collective mat. Through various weaving and folding techniques we will collectively explore our connection to place. We will conclude the afternoon by a shared taste experience, which includes a fermented grain 'cheese', while being surrounded by our interwoven grasses.
26 Nov | Sat | 17.00-19.00
Listening Session with Jo-ey Tang (with a light supper)
27 Nov | Sun | 15.00–17.00
'Zoals het Klokje Tikt' - Tahné Kleijn – solo exhibition – photography. Helmond-based photographer Tahné Kleijn (1990) creates photo series based on 17th-century painting. Inspired by the light and compositions, she stages new images that consequently feel both familiar and strange.
27 Nov | Sun | 16.00 –19.00
'DEPARTURE (move to heaven)' – Eveline Visser, paintings and objects. For her solo-show, Eveline Visser has exclusively created a series of paintings and objects that examine existential dualities such as heaven and hell, order and chaos, darkness and hope. DEPARTURE marks Vissers return to smaller forms from the large-scale installations she has recently worked on. Visser has recently won the Hendrik Chabot Award. Last exhibition before the gallery closes.
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