23 Mar | Thu | 17.30–19.00
A fantastic conversation: Michel van Egmond and Marcel van Roosmalen. A conversation about their shared passion: writing.
23 Mar | Thu | 21.00
Every Thrusday evening at 21.00 a new artwork from various disiplines is exhibited. This week: Wissel 1120 , Lula Valletta presents: John Fanning (NNNN mods)
17 Mar | Fri | 17.00-20.00
H(a)L in Het Archief: Every Friday, a new artist replaces a work, creating a new context in the existing exhibition.
24 Mar | Fri | 19.00–22.00
‘Sustaining Small Acts’ – group exhibition with Sol Archer, Lucie Havel, Jake Kelly, Carolin Lange & Dico Kruijsse and Jan Eric Visser. The artists in Sustaining Small Acts work from the connection with their physical environment. The starting point for their work is often close by, in their daily living environment: their own household waste, the weeds in town, the ground under our feet.
25 Mar | Sat | 19.00
The Last Terminal: Reflections on the Coming Apocalypse, Volume II, Part 1. Doors open at 19:00 and a music set by Linus Bonduelle will start at 21:00. Moving on to a subsequent chapter of The Last Terminal, we wonder if it is going to be a smooth transition. The idea of resetting has crept into the vocabulary as a human action, when initially it was used to talk about computer programs or mechanical technology. If a reset wipes the slate clean, what happens to everything that was there before?
25 Mar | Sat |
Jan Henderik Fotografie – Originals
26 Mar | Sun | 14.00–17.00
#101: Festive Opening of the Gallery in a new location
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