‘Originals’ – Jan Henderik

until 25 Mar

'33 33' - group exhibition

until 1 Apr

'Works That Scare My Dog' - Domas van Wijk

until 1 Apr

Represented Artists - group show

until 8 Apr

Laurens Stok & Jonas Lutz

until 16 Apr

Jan ten Have/Saminte Ekeland/Daan den Houter

until 16 Apr

Group show with represented artists

until 22 Apr

'No Matter The Weather' - Vera Gulikers

until 23 Apr

'Hurry Slowly' - Hester Oerlemans

until 23 Apr

‘O! Maar dat kan ik ook’ - Kamagurka

until 29 Apr

‘The shadowed people’ – Saïdou Dicko

until 30 Apr

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