unique programme including publications, editions, exhibitions

throughout 2020

'Meatware Ecosystem II.' - Robert Roest

until Oct

Lisette Schumacher and Saïd Kinos

until 24 Oct

'Film Stills from 214322' - Aimée Zito Lema

until 7 Nov

‘trust in me’ – Koes Staassen – solo exhibition – works on paper

until 7 Nov

Natalia Grezina / Samuele Canestrari

until 8 Nov

'Behind the Day' - Lars van den Brink

until 21 Nov

'10+' - group exhibition

until 21 Nov

'CHRONOLOGY' - Roderik Henderson

until 21 Nov

‘Leg Up, Hand Down’ – Ilke Gers – solo show

until 27 Nov

Amparo Sard

until 5 Dec

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