Simon Benson / Regula Maria Müller

until 22 Jun

'A Suspicion of a Drawing' by Micha Patiniott

until 29 Jun

'Ornaments for Venus' – Kalliopi Lemos

until 30 Jun

'de kleur van emotie' – Aline Thomassen

until 30 Jun

Maaike Gottschal - Astrid de Pauw - Willem Besselin

until 30 Jun

‘La poésie d’été’ – group exhibition

until 30 Jun

Hulya Yilmaz, Sigrid Calon, Maike Hemmers

until 30 Jun

'BELOW THE SURFACE' - Pim Palsgraaf

until 6 Jul

‘Fall Higher’ – Koen Delaere

until 25 Jul

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