‘New Neapolis’ - Gyz La Riviere

until 29 Mar

‘Utopia Redux’ - Carly Rose Bedford - MK Award

until 29 Mar

‘Masterly!’ - retrospective of four centuries of paintings and drawings

until 29 Mar

Übergangsweise #11 Marcel Wesdorp - prints

until 9 Apr

"Animalia" - group show

until 12 Apr

‘The Hoodie’ - exhibition and extensive activity programme

until 12 Apr

‘Metamorphoses' - 2000 years after Ovid - illustrations

until 12 Apr

Alia Farid, a solo exhibition

until 19 Apr

Adriano Amaral, a solo exhibition

until 19 Apr

‘Ecstasy’ - Sanne Sannes - photography

until 10 May

‘Hoek van Holland’ - Peter de Krom - photography

until 24 May

Sil Krol - kinetic installation

until 31 May

Group exhibition - explores the immigration of form

until 19 Jul

G/D THYSELF: Spirit Strategy On Raising Free Black Children

until 28 Jun

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