Elen Braga curated by Maurice Meewisse

until 12 Dec

Robert Roest / Sarah & Charles

until 14 Dec

PrintRoom’s Picks from the NY Art Book Fair

until 15 Dec

The Frankies Choice #2 - group show

until 21 Dec

‘More and Less’ - Lily de Bont / Jan Maarten Voskuil

until 21 Dec

‘time [ ] travel’ - Miho Kajioka and Rens Horn

until 22 Dec

'West Side Stories' - group exhibition

until 22 Dec

'Let the lonely Shells dream' - Youri Cayron & Romain Rivilan

until 24 Dec

‘I See That I See What You Don’t See’ - Designers, artists and researchers

until 29 Dec

Klaas Gubbels 85 years!

until end Dec

Affordable Design: designers and artists

until 2 Jan

Show Box # 8: Pim Palsgraaf

until 4 Jan

On Melly Shum

until 5 Jan

Alejandro Cesarco, a solo exhibition

until 5 Jan

Rossella Biscotti, new work

until 5 Jan


until 11 Jan

‘Joost Swarte Everywhere’ - a homage to fifty years of drawing.

until 12 Jan

'a click or a whistle' - Elise ‘t Hart and Vibeke Mascini

until 12 Jan

'Wild Bet' - Gil&Moti

until 12 Jan

'Boerenzij' - Wapke Feenstra

until 12 Jan

‘Orgonomics‘ - group show curated by Pádraic E. Moore

until 12 Jan

Simon Benson - solo show / Project room: Gert Jan Prins

until 19 Jan

‘Forever Rotterdam’ - Daniël van de Ven - photography

until 26 Jan

Milena Bonilla - solo show/ ‘Mycelium as Lingua Franca’ - group show

until 26 Jan

'Shifting Tides' - Jan Kuhlemeier - solo show

until 8 Feb

‘On the Surface of Color’ - Esmee Seebregts - solo exhibition

9 Feb

‘A Half Truth is a Whole Lie’ - Saïd Kinos

until 16 Feb

‘Couturissime’ - Thierry Mugler

until 8 Mar

‘The Hoodie’ - exhibition and extensive activity programme

until 12 Apr

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