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Galerie Atelier Herenplaats

Schietbaanstraat 1, 3014 ZT
Mon - Sat 13.00 - 17.00

3 May-28 Jun
‘Zoötropia’ - group exhibition with Jeroen Pomp, Maarten Wendrich, Saskia Westerhof, Remco Roggeveen, Brenda van Vliet, Minke de Fonkert, Livia Dencher, Monique Bouman, Wendell Jesse Kerwhen, Reginald Drooduin, Otte Jacob, Jacqueline Loeve, Alain Laurens, Marcel Boerendonk, Edwin de Lange, Wijnand de Vries.
12 Jul-7 Sep
'What goes down, must come up' – with guest artists Myrrhe van Spronsen and Roos van Lierop in addition Roland van Eck, for whom photography feels like a liberation, Ronald Schriel, for whom art for acts as a source of confidence, Antoine Monoid de Froideville, where everything exists by the grace of its opposite and Edward Teeuw, whose style exists by the grace of experimentation.
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