Highlight of the Art Rotterdam Week program - discover with us what is going on around town, at Art Rotterdam and Object Rotterdam

> 6 -9 Feb

Join us for a free gallery tour at the special New Year's reception of 10 galleries in Rotterdam downtown. The tour will connect the locations and give a personal introduction to the exhibitions.

> 12 Jan

Art makes you move, that’s why Art Index Rotterdam loves to take you on a walk. It’s healthy, you have the time to enjoy the city while looking around, see great art in public space and connect with people.

> 19 Jan
> 16 Feb
> 6 Mar
> 22 Mar

we embrace IFFR, experience art and the unexpected. See the city as a film, the film as the city: images in everything, stories all around us, from light to dark.

> 26 Jan

Come and join us for a free guided art walk and see the city with different eyes! Art is really everywhere! This tour is a collaboration with CBK Rotterdam.

> 29 Nov
> 7 Feb

Art Index Tours - insight into local art scene Exclusive, tailor-made tours. Rotterdam has a great collection of public art. Explore with us what is going on around town in the museums, galleries, art collectives or studios. Tell us what you like and we curate an exclusive bike or walk tour to dive into art in all corners of the city. For more info and booking please email us.
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