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20 Jun
11.00 - 14.00/30
We're excited to start touring again with a small group of max four people! We visit South during the first Art Around Town Bike Tour. Follow public art, embrace the Unlocked/Reconnect project and the South Explorer weekend. Join us on Saturday, June 20th. This art-ride is a great way to reconnect, explore a part of South while we see an excellent selection of public art, some South Explorer highlights, street art and architecture en route. We'll start near ‘Erasmusbrug’ and finish in Charlois. Secure your spot, register in time *
€15 pp (via Tikkie) excluding consumptions

- Bring your bike, rain gear, snack & drink, camera and disinfection hand gel
- We keep 1.5 meters distance
Meeting point:
Near Erasmusbrug
Be present at 10.50, for a relaxed start of the bike tour at 11.00
Art Index Tour-guide:
Anne-Marie Ros


*This is how we follow the RIVM advice :
- A Tikkie payment is part of the tour-registration process, to avoid any hand contact during the tour (no refund due to limited availability)
- Join alone, as a couple or with children from your household.
- We keep 1.5 meters distance from each other and give space for a safe bike tour. Stay together as a couple or family.
- Bring your disinfectant hand gel, just in case there is no opportunity to wash your hands on the way.
- Follow the tour-guide instructions at all time during the bike tour.
- Please note that the use of a toilet en route is very limited if not impossible.
- Do you, or someone in your household, have flu-like symptoms or colds? Stay home!
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