Do It Yourself ARTWALK ‘vrouwen’kunst in Rotterdam - 8 maart 2021 is De vlecht van Kalliopi Lemos toegevoegd aan het beeldenterras langs de Westersingel. Een mooie aanleiding voor CBK Rotterdam om Art Index Rotterdam te vragen een ‘DIY Artwalk’ te organiseren. Wij richten ons hierbij op een selectie kunst in de openbare ruimte gemaakt door vrouwelijke kunstenaars. Kort door de bocht ‘vrouwen’kunst in Rotterdam.
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I N S P I R A T I O N – Summer 2020 ‘DIY ARTWALK’ Florentijn Hofman - art in Rotterdam - The unveiling of the giant 'Bospoldervos' inspired Art Index Rotterdam to embrace Florentijn Hofman's art in Rotterdam for our 2nd 'Do It Yourself Artwalk'. His art forms the basis for the route. As a second layer, we add a selection of public art that we think - make you see the city with different eyes. On the map, you'll find the marking of all Florentijn Hofman's art in Rotterdam and our additional selection. You can do the route as a whole or just partly, on foot or bicycle. All information is only in Dutch.
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20 unique 'Social Distancing' street-art posters WALK. To sense the current ‘one and half-meter society’, we’ve embraced the ‘Social Distancing’ project by Peter van der Helm – Walls and Skin. 8 ‘street’-artists interpret ‘Social Distancing’, resulting in 20 unique street-art posters presented in JCDecaux billboards at tram stops in the city Centre of Rotterdam. It’s uncertain until when the posters are on display.
Walk on your own
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